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Quiere dedicar su trabajo a todos sus amigos que han creído en el y lo han apoyado, así como también a todos aquellos que luchan cada día para alcanzar sus metas. Jose fell in love with the arts thanks to his teacher's creative teaching techniques that emphasized art as a method for expression and also cultural integration rather than repetition and phrase structuring to simply learn a language. In the spring of , Jose watched the play The Adventures of Barrio Girl at the Miracle and became enamored with the company, and has been blessed with the opportunity to see many more plays since.

Con esta obra Leinna ha podido reconocer ciertos retos y talentos que le gustaría explorar y desarrollar a nivel artístico. Junior, Franklin High School. The reason I joined Pluma Nueva program was because I heard that Pluma Nueva offered the opportunity to act and at the same time do writing workshops. I thought that this would be a fun experience to act my own story while also meeting new people and making more friends.

My play talks about my parents and my experience in the U.

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Even though they have that barrier in front of them. This reading is his return to theatre after a long absence. His last participation was in a production of The Hobbit in seventh grade. She also sung on the mainstage at the Armory with PlayWrite, Inc. He has directed and toured with several theater companies performing works from Lorca, Pasolini, Shakespeare and Barry , and has worked as an independent filmmaker for notable organizations in Europe. Most recently he acted in Romeo Castellucci's latest work, Attore, il tuo nome non è esatto.

The writings of Antonin Artaud are lately his strongest influence regarding the relationship between the public and the reality of the play. Raíz marks both his Milagro and his U. She recently designed costumes and props for SRT's season opener Killsville world premier. She is honored to be designing costumes for Miracle Theatre's season opener La Chunga.

She has spent eight seasons with the Oregon Children's Theatre Company, and is now in her fourth season with the Northwest Theatre Company. She is currently a student at Jesuit High School. Hoping that working on this show will somehow get me closer to actually visiting Cuba.

Murillo y Sevilla

Thanks to Milagro, Nelda and my lovely actors. Gracias a Milagro, Nelda, y a mis queridos actores. Allison can be seen performing with The Portland Theatrical Society. A veteran of the stage since , Sofía has acted, danced, sung and written plays in many languages. She has received awards in Mexico and Los Angeles for acting, producing, and singing.

She wants to thank: Rebecca, my Pablo, the fun cast, and remember all the muertitos who have needlessly died in wars or in hands of authorities. Ganó el concurso internacional Historias de Migrantes dos veces consecutivas, en y Empezó a estudiar inglés a los 18 años, luego ruso, armenio, francés y recientemente, chino mandarín. Fue nominada a un premio Drammy de desempeño teatral como Mejor Actriz de Reparto en Nyla appears courtesy of the Actor's Equity Association. Devan is a company member of the Sowelu Theatre Company.

Arte y Teatro

El agradece al Milagro, especialmente a Olga Sanchez por su apoyo y a Peter West por compartir su maravilloso conocimiento sobre iluminación. Y un agradecimiento especial para Margie, su esposa, por todo lo que ella hace. Paul L. McCullough, over three seasons, has served as stage manager for four productions, lighting designer for five productions, and assisted in various artistic or technical roles for at least five additional productions. He offers his thanks to the folks at Miracle, especially Olga Sanchez for her encouragement and Peter West for sharing his amazing knowledge of lighting.

And a special thank you to his wife Margie for all she does. In the twenty years between degrees, McDonald-Lewis became a working voice actor in LA, putting her pipes to hundreds of radio and television commercials, and creating dozens of cartoon characters for animated shows such as GI Joe, Superfriends, Batman, The Mask and more. Along the way she became a college-level English and theatre arts instructor, and a broadcast and print journalism. While she enjoys directing radio and television projects, her true love is the theatre.

She has been involved in theatre since when she was member of the Hialeah Players Mime Troupe in Miami,. Currently, her interest lies primarily in directing and coaching.

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She has served as assistant director and assistant stage manager for several productions including: Top Girls, Dracula, Tartuffe, and Excursion Fare, which was performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Cynthia is currently on staff at Young Audiences.

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Paul has traveled throughout the country as an actor and around the world as a Persian War veteran. He has also appeared in several film productions throughout the Northwest. He has enjoyed a rich experience in leading a mariachi group for Misa Panamericana, working with young and mature voices. Medina-Reyes has lived in the Portland area for more than 20 years. This is her first time working with the good folks at Miracle.

She is thrilled to laugh, dance, sing and discover new things with them. Senior, Marshall Night School. Jasmín is a student at Marshall Night School. On her free time she enjoys learning about Frida Khalo, knitting or designing. She dedicates her work to her beloved husband Jason whose love and support inspire her creative journey. Un graduado de programación CNC de Clackamas Community College, que ha regresado a la escuela en un camino potencial hacia la Ingeniería. Dicho esto, el teatro y la poesía siempre han intrigado a él, y por eso es especialmente emocionado de hacer su debut en el Teatro Milagro.

Un agradecimiento especial a Olga por haberle dado la oportunidad de participar en esta producción. También quisiera dar las gracias a sus compañeros de reparto por su paciencia y apoyo. Javier J. Mendoza is originally from Michoacan, Mexico.


That said, theatre and poetry have always intrigued him, which is why he is especially excited to make his debut at Milagro Theatre. Special thanks go to Olga for giving him the opportunity to take part in this production. He would also like to thank his cast mates for their patience and support.


This is Mr. Menger's first production for Miracle Theatre and he is delighted to be directing "Deporting the Divas.

Menger is best known as the artistic director for the Really BIG Dance Company, for which he has performed and directed over the past eight years. Shakespeare;" and most recently appeared as Gratiano in "The Merchant of Venice. Linney and Ms. Artists Repertory Theatre.

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Max,Bent and Sterling ,Jeffrey Triangle! Thank you Tim for all your support and love. In the 80's he founded the group "Nuevos Aires" acting as composer and pianist.

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The aesthetics of "Nuevos Aires", enrolled in the new tango stream, that caught the attention of Astor Piazzolla. As a composer, he has also created the music of several written plays and directed by Daniel Zaballa. In , he published the CD "Piano, piano Alan is an independent fine art photographer who focuses his art on people with an emphasis on the performing arts and the genre of the street.

Since shortly after arriving here from New York City in , his photographs have been exhibited in numerous group and individual exhibitions in Portland galleries.